Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Prone to Wander // 3x8 Travel Mini

It's no secret that travel is one of my favourite things in the world. When I first started scrapbooking, I thought it would be so cool to have a mini album filled with the places I had been to in my life. I assembled a chipboard cover page, got some large binder rings, and made a total of one page before I abandoned that project. Oops.

Fast forward to 2017 - at the beginning of this year, I began to revisit this idea in my head. I was going through a creative rut and needed something different to (hopefully) reinvigorate my passion for crafting. I finally decided to turn thought into action and start this personal project. Thankfully, this was just what I needed to get excited about creating and making things again :)

I knew some sort of game plan for this mini book was necessary so that I wouldn't abandon it half-way through. I wanted it to be compact and contained in one album, and I thought a clean and simple format would be best so that it would look classic and cohesive. After giving the structure of the book a lot of consideration, I finally decided on the 3x8 size, which is the brainchild of the ever-so-talented Jamaica. I'm pretty sure she was the first to make a 3x8 mini last year, and I was so inspired by the tall and narrow format.

Some people have asked me why I chose 3x8 for this mini when I could have picked a regular size like 6x8 or 4x4, and it really boils down to wanting to try something new. I also thought that a 4x4 mini book would be too small for my needs and I wanted to differentiate this new project from my regular 6x8 travel albums. After completing this album (it took me about a week or two, I think), I'm really glad I made this mini album 3x8 :) It was a lot of fun to work with a novel size and nailing down the structure/format of this narrow album before diving into the project made it easier to get it all done. It's now one of my favourite projects to date.

I posted a flip-through of my album on Instagram a few weeks ago and had a lot of comments and questions about it, so I thought I'd try and break down my thoughts and the details of my mini book in this blog post. Here we go!

3x8 Album

I think the number one question I got was where I found a 3x8 album for my mini book. I don't know any company that currently makes this size, so I used an old 6x8 Studio Calico chipboard album I had in my stash and cut it down to 3x8 with a metal ruler and a xacto knife. A heavy duty xacto knife would probably work best, but I only had a fingertip craft knife (lol) so it took me about 6 or 7 passes before I could cut through the chipboard. It worked fine though!

The Studio Calico chipboard albums are discontinued but you can probably find some old ones on the internet (I found one on Amazon). Another option would be to cut down a 6x8 Simple Stories album, since they still make chipboard ones. I think the Simple Stories ones have smaller binder rings, but I'm not certain since I don't have any on hand.

I plan on covering the chipboard album cover with some nice paper...just haven't found the perfect one yet! Here's a look at the full album when it is open.

I added some stamps from Christine Herrin on the bottom left corner of the album, mainly to cover an oil stain (oops). But I really like the result and how they're stamped off the edge of the chipboard :)

3x8 Page Protectors

The only place I know of that carries 3x8 page protectors is Ali Edwards' shop. The problem is that they are for 6 ring binders, and the Studio Calico chipboard album I'm using has 4 rings. The holes don't line up and it's not possible to punch new holes without them overlapping with the old ones (aka one giant mess), so I needed to find a different solution. I decided to buy some old 6x8 full size Studio Calico page protectors which have the four ring design and I used my fuse tool to alter them to 3x8. Of course, it was an extra step and a bit tedious, but it wasn't hard at all. The key with the fuse tool is to make sure you let it heat up for a good fifteen minutes before you use it, so that it will be hot enough to melt the plastic and the seams won't split open.

I think those two points about the album and the page protectors were the most popular questions I received. Now I'll show you some of my pages :)

Title Page + Intro Pages

I wanted the title page of my mini album to be simple but striking. I've forgotten how awesome vellum is! I used my Silhouette cameo to cut out the number 25 on a sheet of vellum, then I punched holes and I overlaid this vellum piece on top of a full size photo of the view from my airplane window seat. Window seats are my fave :)

I started my book with a full-size photo of myself and a tall kraft envelope I made to hold some personal thoughts about travel and my intentions for this mini-book.

The 'prone to wander' design can be found in the In a Creative Bubble Journey printable cards (white on black) and in this new set of Jetsetter printable journaling cards (black on white).

Flipping the envelope over, you'll find a summary/index of the countries I've been to, organized alphabetically and sorted by continent. I designed this card for my mini-book intro so that it would serve as a sort-of table of contents. Since I've been getting a lot of requests regarding the designs in this book, I decided to reformat/redesign some of the cards so that they can be more widely used - you can find a similar version of this card in this new set of Jetsetter printable journaling cards (both 3x4 and 3x8 versions of the cards are included)...perfect for filling in your own info.

Divider Pages

I chose to organize my album by continent, so I created divider pages to introduce each section. On the opposite side of the divider page, I typed up a travel-themed quote to make 3x8 filler cards. The only exception is the North America spread - that was the start of the album (after the intro pages) and I thought it would be fitting to include a world map.

I plan to add some Avery index tabs to the sides of these divider pages, but I still haven't been able to purchase them. Oddly enough, they're hard to find in Canada so I'll probably end up ordering them off Amazon US or something.

Country Pages (format 1)

Each country in my album gets a double-page 3x8 spread. I decided to use two different formats for these double page spreads. Here's the first one: countries that I've only visited once or have just a few photos of get:
1) a country/journal card
2) an instax photo (printed with my instax printer)
3) a 3x8 page with either one full-size photo or a collage of photos.

Here are a couple more examples of this first type of format in my album:

I created some 3x8 photo templates in Photoshop so that it would be easy to make these photo collages. By using the same templates throughout the book, it also helped make everything look cohesive. You can find the 3x8 photo templates I used at In a Creative Bubble here.

The 3x4 country cards were also ones I designed just for this book. (Can you tell I enjoyed custom making things? :D) While I wanted to keep my book clean and simple, I still really love color so I decided to alternate between four different colorways for my country cards, depending on which looked best with my photos. I've been getting lots of requests for blank country cards for people to fill out their own info, so you can find png/layered psd formats of these cards in my store as well.

Country Pages (format 2)

Here's the second double-page 3x8 format I used for some of my country pages. I decided to use this format for countries that I've visited multiple times, were my favourites, or had more photos I wanted to include. For this format, the country would get:
1) a full size 3x8 photo
2) a 3x8 page with a 8-photo collage
3) an oversized country/journal card that gets hole-punched and inserted in between the photo pages - the card is double-sided and the front has info while the back has journaling.

Here's how the journaling card looks in the album:

I added some notches to the design to make it a little bit more fun :)

Here are a few more examples of this second type of country page/spread format in my album:

Closing Pages

I wanted my album to have some sort of closure/finality to it instead of just ending it with the last country in my book, so I designed this Adventure Log card. On it, I typed up some random highlights/info from my travels throughout the years - my favourite place in the world, a cool sight, a place that took my breath away, best hotel, longest layover etc.

The very last page is another airplane card and I simply typed my name as the documenter/maker of this book :) The end!
I didn't try to count or estimate how many pages I'd need for my mini book, but it ended up working out perfectly in this Studio Calico chipboard album. My pages and cards filled the binder rings of the album without it overflowing. Yay for happy coincidences!

Oh, one last point that is also frequently asked is where I had my photos/cards/pages printed. At first, I was going to print my photos at Costco (I can fit four 3x8 photos/spreads on a 8x12 picture) but with the number of photos I needed, I knew it would get expensive real fast. In the end, I decided to print everything at home. I can fit three 3x8 photos/cards on a piece of 8.5x11 cardstock or photo paper. I use an old Epson workforce printer and Epson premium glossy photo paper for my pictures. The cardstock I'm using for all my journal cards/country cards is 65lb Neenah bright white cardstock.

High five if you got up to this point and managed to read this entire blog post! I know it is incredibly long but I figured it would be best to type it out all in one go instead of breaking it up into multiple posts. If you're curious as to what I added to my store that was inspired/derived from this personal project, you can find the Jetsetter 3x8 photo templates, Jetsetter journal cards (both 3x4 and 3x8 versions), and the Jetsetter country cards/layered templates in my shoppe. I set up a Jetsetter bundle as well - it has a small discount and includes the envelope template I used to create that tall envelope at the start of my album.

Thank you for reading! I hope this inspires you to document your own travels in some way. This mini book was definitely a labor of love, and I think one of the most enjoyable parts when making it was looking back at my old photos to find the perfect ones to use. All these photographs brought back lots of great memories and I'm glad I found a way to document my adventures in a tangible and compact format.

Happy Wednesday! xo.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Shoppe Update

Hey guys! Just popping in today to share my second update for In a Creative Bubble this month. There are four new journaling card sets and coordinating digital stamps :) You can find them all over here! I'll also be retiring some old sets from the store to make room for new things - you can find all the sets that will be retired in the Last Chance section. I want to give you plenty of heads up so they won't be gone until the end of February! I'll be sure to post a reminder closer to that date as well.

Anyway, here's what's new with this update:

Ordinary Day Journaling Cards
Not every day has to be extraordinary, and the beauty of Project Life/pocket page scrapbooking is that you can document all the little slices of life, whether the be mundane or silly or just a small moment in time. This set was designed with that in mind...just some cards to help you remember the simple, ordinary moments.

Ordinary Day Digital Stamps

Playlist Journaling Cards
These cards are perfect for documenting all the things you're listening to, whether it's that fantastic concert you went to, a great podcast episode that resonated with you, or a new album your favorite band just released that you've got on loop. For me, I've been listening to "How Far I'll Go" from the Moana soundtrack!

Playlist Digital Stamps

Watch List Journaling Cards
If you're looking to document the movies and TV shows you're watching right now, I've got you covered as well! These cards have plenty of room for you to jot down your thoughts on that awesome movie you just watched or the show you're currently obsessed with. This topic is one of my favorite things to include in my PL, so I thought these cards may be useful for some of you guys as well!

Watch List Digital Stamps

Heart Eyes Journaling Cards
With Valentine's Day around the corner, I'm releasing this new set of love-themed cards that can be used for both documenting your loved ones and the things or moments you love. Tryin' to keep it versatile! My personal favorite card from this set is the pink 'love is all you need' one - I already printed out a second copy :)

Heart Eyes Digital Stamps

And that's all I've got this month! Thanks for your continued support and I can't wait to see what you make with these new products :) Happy weekend! xo.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Shoppe Update

Starting the new year off with a small update in the shoppe. You can find four new journaling card sets to help you reflect back on last year and look forward to this year! Here's a look at them:

In Review Journaling Cards
Last year's highlights cards were a big hit, and I had several requests to make a 3x4 version. Voila! This is a redesigned 3x4 version of the highlights cards to help you reflect back on last year. I decided to keep them black and white (kinda like my recorded cards) so that they can be versatile for any of your projects. I think they'd be really cool mixed in with photos in a Design F page protector and it may be something I try to sum up my year.

Hello 2017 Journaling Cards
A fresh color scheme and some clean and graphic cards to help you document the new year. I had so much fun working with these colors and I hope you like them too!

2017 Month Journaling Cards
This is a clean and simple set of 2017 month cards to use as title cards in your albums, headers for your month-in-review layouts, and anything you can possibly imagine! I stuck with a black and white color scheme to keep these cards versatile.

Be Positive Journaling Cards
Starting off the year on a positive note (I really hope 2017 will be a good year!) with this set of bright and bold cards. I had to sneak in that 'clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose' quote because Friday Night Lights was one of my favourite tv shows. Yes!

I'll have another update later this month. Thank you for all your support and including In a Creative Bubble as part of your memory keeping projects in 2016. I'm looking forward to another awesome year ahead! xo.