Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Inked | Design sneaks (+ giveaway winner)

This weekend, I put together some of the lessons for my upcoming Inked | Design workshop so I thought it would be fun to share some sneaks of what I've been working on for the class.

I finally had a chance to ink up and try all the new stamp sets, and they are really fun to play with. Tina's handdrawn illustrations and my graphic sets are playful and versatile, and together you get a wide range of stamps to use. I can't wait to show you how I'm mixing them up in the class lessons.

The 'today stamp here is from Tina's Houseplants stamp set. I used a vellum sticker from the TTYL add-on.

Bloom and Houseplants make some beautiful cards! Ink colors I used were Emerald City and Lime Light (for the plants), as well as Clear Blue and Something Blue for the pots.

Here's one more sneak of all the stamps mixed together. I kinda am in love with my Adventure stamp (from Everyday Explorer) and I know I'll be using that a lot.

Finally, the randomly drawn winner of the giveaway is Cara whose comment was:
I think it'd be interesting to see a stamp set that focuses on different times of the day, either in separate sets or combined...for example, a morning one with suns and coffees and sentiments like "rise and shine!" and an evening one with moons and pillows and sentiments like "bedtime stories" :) You'd probably be able to think of more creative ideas for it than I can but something along those lines! :)
Cara, please send me an email at inacreativebubble(at)gmail(dot)com with your address so I can pass the info along for you to get your stamp. Thank you all for entering and sharing your ideas :) Have a great day!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Inked | Design (+ bonus coupon and giveaway!)

I'm so excited to announce that my new workshop is live at Studio Calico! Come join me for Inked // Design, where I'll teach you to incorporate stamps as major design elements in your paper crafting projects.

There are five weeks of lessons which focus on stamping and design principles such as contrast, repetition and layering. My contributors and I will be sharing layouts and Project Life spreads to inspire you, and there's a class message board for us to chat all month long.

Class begins on October 12. Since this is the last workshop of the Inked series, Studio Calico is offering a special bundle as well! Bundle and save for the last chance price of $20 and enroll in all three workshops - a savings of 30%! To find out more about the Inked 2015 class bundle, click here. To purchase just Inked // Design, add this item to your cart. This bundle offer is available through October 31st at 11:59 EST.

And what would a stamping workshop be without new stamps? I am so happy to finally show you guys these stamp sets - it's been hard to keep them under wraps since I love them so much! I had the opportunity to design two new stamp sets for this class, Good Times and Everyday Explorer, and you'll find lots of graphic elements and fun phrases in these sets.

I'm also really excited to have Tina design two additional stamp sets for this class. Her stamps have a more whimsical look with her beautiful illustrations and signature handlettering! You can find Bloom and House Plants in the shop as well.

Now would also be the perfect time to buy those stamping supplies and ink pads you've been eyeing! Studio Calico just came out with some beautiful new pigment inks, or you can snag their limited edition dye inks! The Color Theory dye inks are the primary ink pads I use and I love the wide range of colors.

And as a bonus for my blog readers, I'm sharing with you an exclusive coupon ;) Get 20% off your stamping supplies, excluding stamps, with this code: STAMPING20 Enjoy!

*Expires 10/15/15 at 11:59 EST. Offer good for 20% off stamping supplies in the Studio Calico shop, minus stamps. Valid only on shop items at Studio Calico. Must enter the code STAMPING20 to your order at checkout and click apply. Not valid on previous purchases. Refunds will not be issued for misused or non-entered codes. Promo code may only be used once. 

And how about a giveaway to end off this post? I'm giving away one of my favorite stamp sets I designed - Everyday Moments. Simply leave a comment on this blog post with what kind of stamp set you'd like to see in the future to be entered to win! I'll leave the giveaway open through the weekend and draw a winner Monday evening, 10/05/2015. 

I'm so excited for Inked // Design to begin and have been working hard on the tutorials and lessons. I really hope you join me for this workshop and I can't wait to share my love of stamping with you! See you in class!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Tokyo Travel Mini // Part II

Since my brother and I only had a few days in Tokyo, we maximized our time by leaving early in the morning and coming home late at night (10:30-11:00PM). Neither of us are morning people, but our desire to immerse ourselves in Japan outweighed our desire to sleep in, ha.  We've both been to Tokyo before (separately and together), so it was an interesting experience to plan out our itinerary and figure out sights we both wanted to see and new places to explore.

I love the look of full size photos and was happy that I remembered to enlarge this photo on the right; it's an ordinary street photo but there's something about the tones and the morning scene captured that I really like.

I stamped 'Japanese convenience stores' with some Kelly Purkey alpha stamps - not perfect but I didn't want to redo it since there were so many letters to use, lol. I also stitched some onigiri sticky notes at the bottom because I thought they were cute :)

I kept the pamphlet from the garden and it was the perfect height to include in my book. I simply added some attacher tabs to the side, made with SC's attacher die.

At the garden, they had a small stamping station with a beautiful image of cherry blossoms. I stamped the stamp on paper they had provided and punched it out at home with my 2" circle punch. At first, I was a bit stumped because of the purple ink - I don't normally use the color purple in my projects. But the purple image turned out to be a perfect match with the hydrangeas photo, as well as the pop of color on my drink in the left photo. I love it when coincidences like that happen.

I had a 4x6 photo to use (on the left page) but my page protectors didn't match since they were all 3x4 pockets, so I simply cut the 4x6 photo in half. It actually turned out kinda cool for the photo to spread across both slots.

More sushi sticky notes, just because. I told you I was obsessed. The 'yum' stamp is from an old Kelly Purkey stamp set.

I cut apart a UNIQLO catalogue to make the 3x4 'shorts' card. It's fun to include memorabilia in unique ways, like turning it into a filler card. The 'summertime' card is from SC's Lauren add-on, an older kit that continues to be one of my favorites.

While I include a lot of regular 'tourist' shots in my book ("here's me with (insert tourist attraction here)"), I also like capturing ordinary moments, such as this picture of the busy metro scene in Tokyo. I think having photos such as this one in my album broaden the perspective and help me to remember little details and unassuming moments in between too, because they're all part of the overall travel experience.

The red card is from my Home Sweet Home set. I simply added some letter stickers and stamping. I like how it matches the red tones in my photos.

I brought home the paper coaster from the beer museum since I thought it made a great souvenir. I didn't want to trim it down to fit in one of the 3x4 pockets so I simply attached it to my pamphlet with a paper clip.

Shibuya Crossing: best use of the 'organized chaos' word strip, right here. The cars were stuck in traffic and blocked part of the crossing but the pedestrians simply navigated around them, ha.

More sticky notes. I love them, I really do. 

I'll post the next day soon! Have a great weekend.