Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tokyo 2017 Travel Mini

I've been terrible at blogging lately, but thought I'd pop in and share some of my favourite pages from one of my recent completed mini books. You can see a little flip through of this Japan album over here on Instagram.

Some quick notes about supplies:

  • Everything I used was stuff I already had on hand, meaning I didn't buy any supplies or products specifically for this book. 
  • The album and page protectors were purchased awhile back at Michaels and they're from Project Life/Becky Higgins.
  • The majority of the journaling cards I used are printable cards from my store, In a Creative Bubble. In particular, I used the Explorer collection (especially the prompt cards!), Jetsetter cardsIn the City cards, and the Ticket elements. I have a selection of Japan themed designs in my store as well, but I designed the most recent sets after making this mini and I used some the old ones for other projects and forgot to reprint the cards when making this book! Oops. 
  • The supplies and embellishments I used are things from my stash, and they're mostly from Studio Calico and Gossamer Blue.
  • My favourite travel stamp sets to use are from Everyday Explorers!
  • Washi tape + Japan themed stationery were all purchased in Japan. 

Now here are some of my favourite pages in this mini album :)

Starting the book off with a simple page documenting the reason for this trip as well as how we got there. I didn't have any photos to use so I added ephemera - my plane ticket (folded in half) and my metro ticket. The 'seeker of adventure' card is from this set but I customized it by adding a sticker of Mt Fuji in the middle.

The Traveler's Factory store in Tokyo Station has the coolest stamps of all the different Japanese prefectures! I stamped them on scrap paper in the store, then came home, scanned + resized them, and then reprinted them on kraft paper to create an insert for my album.

More photos + journaling + stamping. When I make travel minis, I like to keep things fairly simple and clean with just some thoughtful intentional embellishments. The green card is from this set and is originally a 4x6 card; I just cut it in half to fit the pocket.

I like including bits and pieces outside of the page protectors as well. Here, I hole punched and added a shipping tag between this spread. The front has some tiny banners and sticky notes, sewn straight through the middle. On the back, I glued a little piece of paper that listed our hotel info.

I loved playing with pops of yellow on this blue hued page. The Adventure Log card is from this set and I added a sticker and my journaling on it. On the striped yellow card, I added some ephemera (the green fabric sticker, from the one day tour we went on) and a few coordinating circle embellishments.

Full page photo ftw!

I decided to add this admission ticket in between my spread so I wouldn't have to cut it down. In one of the rooms at the museum, I was given a sheet of stickers to stick on the wall as part of the installation, and I stuck the extras on the back of the ticket :) Love how that turned out!

Another full size photo! :) I added one of my vintage inspired tickets and a few little embellishments to the 6x8 picture.

Explorer cards + 'around the neighborhood' photos + little details. I layered a little tanuki sticker on an Explorer circle tag, then handstitched that on a map card from this set.

The 'today's adventure' is a digital stamp from this set :)

At the end of my album, I included a kraft paper bag and any extra bits of ephemera I wanted to keep. On the back of the bag, I used a few strips of Japan themed washi tape.

And that's a wrap! I still have a ton of travel minis I want to make but I'm happy to have completed at least one off the list. Thanks for looking!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Shoppe Update

Happy Friday everyone! I've got the newest release at In a Creative Bubble to share today, and there are four new sets of cards and four sets of coordinating digital stamps. Let's get right to it!

Constantly Curious Journaling Cards
With back to school season on my mind, I decided to design a new set of school themed cards for the store. These cards are geared towards school life, but I hope you find them versatile enough for documenting everyday curiosities, discoveries, and life lessons as well. With regards to the designs, I had a lot of fun experimenting with a new lettering style (I handlettered the 'field trip' and 'do your best' in this set!) and the fall color palette was a fun change.

Constantly Curious Digital Stamps

Fall Vibes Journaling Cards
The temperatures have gradually been getting cooler where I live, and I'm looking forward to fall settling in. I designed this new set of autumn themed cards to celebrate all those lovely things about this season, such as cozy sweaters, cooler temperatures, and leaves changing colors. I played around with more handlettering on a couple of the cards, but you'll still find my signature clean and graphic aesthetic in the overall set :)

Fall Vibes Digital Stamps

Family Time Journaling Cards
Last month I released a set of cards focusing on personal time/self care and I thought it would be fun to switch it up and create a new set of designs highlighting family time. The set's color scheme is a departure from my usual go-to hues (I snuck in purple - a color that rarely appears in my albums, ha), but I'm happy with how everything turned out. I opted to use more 'playful' lettering for this set again, and as noted on the graphic below, I also included an alternative card with the word 'favourite' for those who prefer spelling it that way. Hope you like it!

Family Time Digital Stamps

National Parks Journaling Cards
National Parks was a much requested theme, and I'm happy that I finally got around to making it! I decided to do a combination of 'national park' specific cards as well as some general 'outdoor exploration' designs. Super versatile, and possibly my favorite set with this release. The detailed seal/circle designs here were inspired by those cool patches you often find at national park gift shops :) PS. If you're looking for more cards to document your outdoor adventures, this set coordinates perfectly with The Great Outdoors cards!

Just a quick PSA to check the Last Chance category of the store; I've moved a couple of things over there that will be retired at the end of September. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great weekend! xo.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Shoppe Update

Hey everyone! I'm here today to share the August update at In a Creative Bubble. This month, there are four new journaling card sets and four coordinating digital stamp sets. You can find them here :)

Sail Away Journaling Cards
This here is my favourite set of cards this month! I had lots of fun envisioning designs that would be fitting for sailing adventures, cruise vacations, and any sort of boat ride. I haven't been on a cruise in a long time, but I have gone on a few ferry rides recently so I plan on documenting those little trips with these cards :)

Sail Away Digital Stamps

Me Time Journaling Cards
I think it's incredibly important for people to have personal time to simply relax, focus on their own interests, and practice self-care. I hope you find this set of cards useful in documenting your own life and your personal stories, because they definitely matter! Design-wise, I wanted these cards to be clean and graphic, with lots of room to journal. I'm really happy with how they turned out!

Me Time Digital Stamps

Go Journaling Cards
Yup, another set of travel themed cards! I had a couple of phrases in mind that I wanted to see on journaling cards, so I designed these cards. I also challenged myself to use a color scheme I don't normally use (a purple-y card is definitely rare for me!), and overall, I'm pretty satisfied. I already used some of these cards in my most recent travel mini-book :)

Go Digital Stamps

Seoul Journaling Cards
Finally, the newest destination that I'm adding to my store is Seoul, South Korea! I originally began designing Seoul-themed cards to use in my own travel mini-book, and I decided to expand the set to release in my store. You'll notice a bit of hangul on the sets - just some basic vocab :) On the green heart card I added "(사랑해)" [saranghae] which means "I love you". The red card says "안녕" [annyeong] which has multiple meanings, but is commonly used as an informal way to say "hello" or "goodbye". These cards have been so easy to use in my travel mini...I'll try and share some pages soon!

Seoul Digital Stamps

A quick reminder that there are several products in the Last Chance category of the store that will be retired at the end of August. I also update frequently on Instagram with inspiration on using In a Creative Bubble products...feel free to tag me @inacreativebubble / hashtag #inacreativebubble so I can see how you use them too :) Thank you for your continued support and I hope you're enjoying your summer! xo.